Ice Protection

Our HDPE Pile Wrap is a method for protecting wood pilings from the forces of ice.

Timber pilings can suffer severely from ice damage.  As ice forms on the waters surface, it adheres to the rough surface of the timber piling and forms an ice collar.  As more ice forms and thickens and the water level changes due to tides, the ice tries to float up and down, exerting an uplift force on the piling.  When the action is repeated, the piling is lifted higher and may be completely loosened for the bottom.

Our HDPE Pile Wrap is designed to fit any size pilings with simple installation.  The pile wrap has a reverse piling taper, allowing the ice sheet to move along the jacket as the water level changes, preventing the pile from being lifted from the bottom.  The HDPE Pile Wrap resists ice adhesion and absorbs head from the sun, which helps melt the surrounding ice.