Formapile Industries offers a line of custom engineered composite repair systems designed specifically for use on process piping, pipelines, and concrete structures. Formapile utilizes high strength epoxy, urethane and vinyl ester resins in conjunction with carbon and glass fibers to create unmatched strength, durability and chemical resistance.

Engineering Services

  • Providing specifications, drawings and installation plans
  • Onsite quality control
  • Structural inspection analysis
  • Regulatory compliant design proposals
  • Assessment of potential applications
  • FEA model analysis


  • Internal corrosion on flare lines
  • Soil to air interface corrosion
  • Repair of internal and external corrosion on process piping
  • Aggressive chemical processes
  • Strengthening for added loading and / or change of use
  • Repair of an existing or new construction / design defects
  • Repair of cooling water systems
  • Tank reinforcement
  • Leak mitigation

Mechanical Testing

  • Tensile, compressive, lap shear, pull off, hoop stress
  • Hydro-static pressure testing
  • Multi-channel data acquisition