Dock Piling Repair

Formapiles team of dock piling repair specialists have been leading the industry in piling repairs for over 30 years.  We have services to repair dock, pier, lift and marina pilings.  Our various products can repair wood, concrete and steel pilings.  We also offer steel corrosion protection and waterproofing solutions.

Marine Worm (Borer) Damage

damage wood dock piling marine borers

Timber pilings have been used in water environments to support man-made structures for centuries. Over the last 30 years the successful efforts to clean our waterways around the world has brought about some unforeseen issues. With cleaner water brings tiny organisms called worms (borers). These worms attack wooden piles and there has been a surge of infestation and deterioration of these piles in recent years. Marine borers attack from the outside and burrows in the pile parallel to the grain where there are frequent openings to the water for circulation. The end result is a pile with significant cross-sectional loss. Below you can see the damaged caused by marine borers.

The Solution

Our products were designed for simple installation with no large machines or equipment and no down-time for the supported structure.  Based on the specifics of the job will determine which product will be the ideal solution.